Getting to ISO concerts is safe and affordable!

Ride to all ISO concerts and home again for $40 per person.

Includes a complimentary ElderPoint transportation membership ($25 value).

How It Works

1. Subscribe to the ISO’s season, selecting three or more performances to attend.

2. “Add on” an ISO ride sharing membership for $40 by calling the ISO office.

3. Receive a call from ElderPoint the week before the concert to confirm your ride.

4. Use your complimentary ElderPoint transportation membership to schedule low-cost rides to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store or a friend’s home throughout the year.

Call the ISO Office today! (863) 688-3743

228 Avenue C SW Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone: (863) 682-7249

ElderPoint Transportation Fees
With your ISO transportation membership, you are also a member of ElderPoint’s transportation network. Schedule trips to the store, doctor or to visit family by calling (863) 682-7249.
Pickup fee $2.50 • Per mile $1.50 

About ElderPoint Ministries

As a 501(c)3, ElderPoint serves all seniors in Polk County by providing access to fresh, nutritious food and transportation.

A small team, led by Executive Director Jane Hammond and an agile (well, so to speak) volunteer board, seeks out opportunities, collaborations, and sustainable ideas to serve seniors in need. Where they need services. That means where they live, shop, seek medical care, and go — from mobile produce markets at senior residences to congregate dining to doctor appointments to fun activities, such as movies and baseball games.

ElderPoint serves all seniors in Polk County who need assistance accessing fresh, nutritious food and/or transportation, including wheelchair-accessible transport. Clients are self-defined as elderly, based on individual circumstances. Services are intended to help seniors remain independent for as long as they can or wish to.