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CORE Wealth Advisors and Rotary Club of Lakeland South present
Steve Hackman and The Imperial Symphony

Beethoven v. Coldplay

A merging of musical giants, Beethoven V. Coldplay pairs two composer/artists that deal with universal and humanist themes in their music, and asks the musical question- would Beethoven have found meaning in the music of Coldplay? That notion, perhaps odd-sounding at first, becomes much more compelling when considering the events surrounding Beethoven’s creation of the Eroica Symphony- an artist desperate to solidify his position as the reigning musical genius in Vienna, but yet still misunderstood and criticized, and a young man in his thirties faced with the reality that he would indeed soon be completely deaf. How, then, would Beethoven have reacted to the Coldplay lyrics ‘Nobody said it was easy?’ or ‘When you lose something you can’t replace…. could it be worse?’

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