Interested in learning more about orchestras and music?

Check out these cool resources that help you interact with the parts of an orchestra.

The Kids Music Corner teaches kids about the types of music and why music is important:
Kids Music Corner

Classics for Kids teaches kids about composers and different parts of symphonies and operas:
Classics for Kids


The ISO’s education committee has created some playlists of great classical music organized into different activities or themes. Take a look at some classical stories below, then listen to songs to give you energy, songs to study and songs that you recognize from the radio!

Songs with Energy
Study Songs
Classical With a Twist


Sinfonia is the Imperial Symphony Orchestra’s magazine. Look for one each season—there are activities for kids throughout related to each season’s concerts!

Sinfonia Kids Pages – Word Search (PDF) | Answers
Sinfonia Kids Pages – Piano Quiz (PDF) | Answers