November 10, 2020

The Anne Jenkins Memorial Concert Series welcomes you to Vivaldi’s masterful “The Four Seasons!” Tonight, the ISO’s chamber ensemble will perform Vivaldi’s complete.

Tonight’s performance is dedicated to celebrate the life of Dr. Thomas McLaughlin, past president, lifelong ISO patron and ardent believer in the power of music..

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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), was an Italian Baroque composer, violinist, teacher and Roman Catholic priest, whose compositions include sacred choral works, operas and concertos.

The Four Seasons is a group of concerti written around 1716-17 and published with accompanying sonnets to further underscore the flowing creeks, singing birds and buzzing flies represented in the music. While the author of the sonnets is unknown, many theorize that Vivaldi wrote them since each sonnet is broken into sections that align neatly with the movements of the concerti. This “program muisc” or narrative music even includes instructions from the composer. With instructions in the music’s score to play “like a barking dog” or “like a sleeping goatherd,” performers have to use their imaginations to achieve the sound Vivaldi had in mind.

The work comprises four concerti, each with three movements (fast-slow-fast).

Please click the ‘+’ to reveal sonnets.

“Spring” La primavera
1. Allegro (in E major)

Springtime is upon us.
The birds celebrate her return with festive song,
and murmuring streams are
softly caressed by the breezes.
Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, roar,
casting their dark mantle over heaven,
Then they die away to silence,
and the birds take up their charming songs once more.

2. Largo e pianissimo sempre (in C♯ minor)

On the flower-strewn meadow, with leafy branches
rustling overhead, the goat-herd sleeps,
his faithful dog beside him.

3. Allegro pastorale (in E major)

Led by the festive sound of rustic bagpipes,
nymphs and shepherds lightly dance
beneath the brilliant canopy of spring.

“Summer” (L’estate)

1. Allegro non molto (in G minor)

Under a hard season, fired up by the sun
Languishes man, languishes the flock and burns the pine
We hear the cuckoo’s voice;
then sweet songs of the turtledove and finch are heard.
Soft breezes stir the air, but threatening
the North Wind sweeps them suddenly aside.
The shepherd trembles,
fearing violent storms and his fate.

2. Adagio e piano – Presto e forte (in G minor)

The fear of lightning and fierce thunder
Robs his tired limbs of rest
As gnats and flies buzz furiously around.

3. Presto (in G minor)

Alas, his fears were justified
The Heavens thunder and roar and with hail
Cut the head off the wheat and damages the grain.

“Autumn” (L’autunno)
1. Allegro (in F major)

Celebrates the peasant, with songs and dances,
The pleasure of a bountiful harvest.
And fired up by Bacchus’ liquor,
many end their revelry in sleep.

2. Adagio molto (in D minor)

Everyone is made to forget their cares and to sing and dance
By the air which is tempered with pleasure
And (by) the season that invites so many, many
Out of their sweetest slumber to fine enjoyment.

3. Allegro (in F major)

The hunters emerge at the new dawn,
And with horns and dogs and guns depart upon their hunting
The beast flees and they follow its trail;
Terrified and tired of the great noise
Of guns and dogs, the beast, wounded, threatens
Languidly to flee, but harried, dies.

“Winter” (L’inverno)
1. Allegro non molto (in F minor)

To tremble from cold in the icy snow,
In the harsh breath of a horrid wind;
To run, stamping one’s feet every moment,
Our teeth chattering in the extreme cold

2. Largo (in E major)

Before the fire to pass peaceful,
Contented days while the rain outside pours down.

3. Allegro (in F minor)

We tread the icy path slowly and cautiously,
for fear of tripping and falling.
Then turn abruptly, slip, crash on the ground and,
rising, hasten on across the ice lest it cracks up.
We feel the chill north winds course through the home
despite the locked and bolted doors…
this is winter, which nonetheless
brings its own delights.


Dr. Nina Kim, Concertmaster (soloist)
Alvaro Pereiro, Associate Concertmaster
Sarah Morrison, 1st Violin
Marina Tucker, Principal 2nd Violin
Joshua Dampier, 2nd Violin
Tracy Thielen, Principal Viola
Lorenzo Sanchez, Viola
Michael Sedloff, Principal Cello
Edevaldo Mulla, Cello
Michael Lawson, Principal Bass
Linda Charlton, Harpsichord

Maestro Mark Thielen, Music Director

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