This week, the ISO is remembering a tremendous man who dedicated countless hours to making our community healthy and vibrant. Dr. Thomas McLaughlin was a leader in local, regional and national medical communities and contributed his leadership to local groups including The Lakeland Rotary Club, Lakeland Chamber and the Imperial Symphony Orchestra.

While news of Dr. McLaughlin’s passing will mention his role as president of the ISO, his decades of advocacy and support as a patron made the greatest impact on the ISO’s history. His love of music, and the joy of sharing music with his friends and family, could be seen at every concert, lecture and fundraiser.

You can read Dr. McLaughlin’s obituary at

Gifts in Memory of Dr. Thomas Christopher McLaughlin

Dr. & Mrs. Glen Barden
The Bell-Barnett Family Fund within GiveWell Community Foundation
CORE Wealth Advisors
Mary Pedone Greaser
Rev. & Mrs. Richard Huggins
Mr. & Mrs. CH Jenkins
Theodore Kruljac
Richard McLaughlin
Kelly Price
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Stringer
Laura Meherg Teel
Mr. & Mrs. Clay Watkins
Mrs. John Watkins
Roy Witherington
Wright’s Gourmet House