Sing with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra!

Join the ISO on stage for a concert version of Leonard Bernstein’s iconic musical on Friday May 3 at Youkey Theatre. To audition, complete the form linked below, either submitting a video of your audition or indicating your preference to come for an in-person audition on February 2 starting at 1:30 p.m. in B202, the Jenkins Recital Hall at Florida Southern College.

Roles ($performance fee):

  • Tony ($500)
  • Maria ($500)
  • Riff ($300)
  • Anita ($300)
  • 10 ensemble/chorus ($100 each)

Audition requirements:

  • at least 32 bars of a song featuring your character
  • selected reading for your character (principals only)
    • Tony:  I tried to stop it; I did try. I don’t know how it went wrong…  I didn’t mean to hurt him; I didn’t want to; I didn’t know I had.  But Riff…Riff was like my brother. So when Bernardo killed him –   ‘Nardo didn’t mean it either. Oh I don’t know he didn’t…
    • Maria:  Stay back.  How do you fire this gun, Chino?  Just by pulling this little trigger?  How many bullets are left, Chino? Enough for you? And you?  All of you?  WE ALL KILLED HIM; and my brother and Riff.  I, too.  I CAN KILL NOW BECAUSE I HATE NOW.
    • Riff: No? Without a gang you’re an orphan. With a gang you walk in two’s three’s four’s. And when your gang is the best, when you’re a Jet, buddy boy, you’re out in the sun and home free home.
    • Anita:  You saw how they dance: like they have to get rid of something quick. That’s how they fight. ……Too much feeling.  And they get rid of it: after a fight, that brother of yours is so healthy!

General Information:

  • auditions are open to all ages, all ethnicities
  • this is a concert version performed with symphony orchestra (no costumes, minimal blocking)
  • mandatory dates are April 30 (7-10 p.m. sitzprobe), May 2 (7-10 p.m. dress rehearsal) and May 3 (8 p.m. performance)
  • prepare for four-five additional vocal-only rehearsals

Video auditions must be submitted by January 31 at 5 p.m. Contact the ISO office with any questions or challenges with the AirTable Form at (863) 688-3743 or

Click to open the audition submission form.