In 1965, Florida Southern College professor Dr. Ken Anderson and Lakeland businessman Jay Erwin were instrumental in forming the Lakeland Civic Symphony to provide classical music for their community. With just 30 members and an audience of family members and a few friends, the musicians played with a large glass jar marked “donations” at the front of the concert hall.

Secure the legacy for the next 50 years with your monthly gift.

Your monthly gift of $19.65 or more ensures that the Imperial Symphony Orchestra

  • provides a professional outlet for local musicians
  • offers free tickets and educational programs to students
  • supports the creativity and economic health of our community
  • and much, much more!

Glass Jar Club Members

Sarah & Todd Baylis • Amanda E. Britt •  Joan & Bob Buccino • Lu & John Fitzwater • Dr. Lynn Grady • Amy Wiggins & Michael Guerrero •  Kay & Steve Layten • Leigh Ann & Brad Lunz • Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Mason • Lori & Dave Powell • Diana & Jarrett Smith • Jennifer & Brad Sundgren • Tracy & Mark Thielen