Orchestra Fund

Underwrite a Chair

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra’s talented musicians are the heart and soul of the ISO. Each one is a passionate artist, dedicated to making inspiring and moving music for you. Before taking the stage, these musicians have studied for years, spent countless hours rehearsing — all for the joy of sharing their love of music with ISO patrons.

Bringing them together for these moments of performance depends on the generosity of those who fill the theater seats and rejoice in the artistry of the musicians.

People like you.
Like every note on the page and every player on the stage, you play an important part in the symphony!

Make your statement on the importance of music in the community by sponsoring an instrument or musician for the 2018-2019 season!

Thank you 2017-2018 Chair Sponsors!

Triangle – Avery Lunz
Gong – Kay & Steve Layten